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BigFoot Vac Sweep

BigFoot is a vacuum cleaner nozzle designed to fit vacuum cleaners with tapered 1.25 inch hoses and is exclusively for floors not carpets. The parameters in the fluid flow equations were selected to allow BigFoot Vacsweep to:

1. Maintain your machines full air horsepower at all time
2. Move the flow along not against the floor like other nozzles.
Its square shape fits corners and wall edges, while its 10.5inch width allows use in most restricted areas and maximum coverage with the available air horsepower.

BigFoot is, precisely curved in 3 dimensions. It is a 10.5inch square parabolic shape, weighs 8.5 ounces, and is a low 2.25inch high and fits under most furniture.

That’s what all my friends (NASA engineers not associated with SATOPS) said when they first saw BigFoot; but when they used it they said “well of course it will if you use it that way”? Have you ever used a vacuum? Was it fun or a bother? Were you happy with its performance? Do you look forward to it? Have a problem with dog/cat hair? Is your vacuum like a TINKER TOY™ or a real useful tool? Do you have a big area like a bedroom, garage, sidewalk, or hangar? THEN YOU NEED BIGFOOT.

BigFoot turns your vacuum cleaner into a real professional tool. It is far superior to any nozzle I have been able to find. In rocketry it is called a “half nozzle”; contact with the floor makes it a whole nozzle. Its dimensions are engineered to create a constant sweeping only motion. Its size was determined through years of use to in the most trying places; even over/under power cords and hoses, lathe tops, table saws, beds, desks et al; just put it on top of a coil of cord and the coil becomes another part of the nozzle.

A vacuum cleaner is rated by its air horsepower. Nozzles are needed to make them useful by redirecting that air. BigFoot‘s design increases the 1.25inch pipe inlet area by 110 times; the frontal area is enlarged between 10.5 inches and 15.0 inches, depending on the direction of travel.
The lower surface is engineered to have only surface flow not vertical suction so the full air horsepower is used to sweep the floor; not to suck on ii. At the center the air goes vertical, sucking up anything there. Placed on top of a sphere it will pick it up, or swallow anything small enough to go in.

On rubber mats the diluter valve can be opened to avoid lockup on rubber mats.
‘Why not put it on rollers?’ I tried that! My answer is how often does a toothpick or grain of rice lockup a large wheel on your grocery cart? What would a tiny grain of anything do to a small wheel; besides, almost all vacuums use this plastic without damage to furniture.
The greater your machines airflow the faster you can travel. No need for side-stepping like with other nozzles; you can go in any direction without locking up. The speed at which you can sweep is limited by:

1. Air horsepower of your machine,
2. Density of the sweepings
3. Coefficient of friction of the sweepings
With BigFoot you look forward to pulling your vacuum cleaner out of the closet.


1. WATER SURFACE: another version is for cleaning oil spills in lakes, oceans, etc. It will be larger and, remotely controlled for changing oil layer thickness depth, and viscosity. Testing may prove it can bottom clean as well. A full size nozzle is now available for demonstration. In this video the power is turned on and off to show how the pump primes itself if lifted by a wave.

2. WATER SUBSURFACE: another version has been developed to clean swimming pools following heavy maintenance or cleaning. A larger model will clean city water tanks manually or as an installed system.

3. A breakthrough in a camping FOOD STORAGE device is in development.